Winter is setting in, and that means you'll soon be dealing with frigid temperatures and snowy roads. Don't let the frosty weather keep you stranded. Be like others in Berlin, WI and take your car to Sondalle Ford Lincoln for service. The skilled technicians in our service center know all about your Ford vehicle and how to keep it maintained. We have state-of-the-art tools and equipment, along with genuine Ford parts to ensure you get the best results. We can winterize your car, truck, or SUV so it will run when you need it to this winter.

Battery Checks and Changeouts

You've been through it before. You went out to your car on a chilly morning and it wouldn't start. Your vehicle needs a powerful battery with plenty of cranking amps to turn the engine over when the mercury dips far below freezing. Sondalle Ford Lincoln can test your battery to see that it has enough juice. If it doesn't, we can change it out for a stronger one. Different vehicles require different batteries, but our knowledgeable professionals can sort it out and make sure Berlin drivers have what they need.

Tire and Brake Service

Of course, you won't be able to get around easily in the winter if you have bad tires. Without good tread, you may lose traction and slide off the road in icy conditions. Fortunately, people in Berlin, WI can get expert help with their tires from Sondalle Ford Lincoln. We carry a full line of 14 quality name-brand tires, so we're sure to have the right replacement tires for your car, truck or SUV. Of course, the right tires won't matter if your brakes aren't working right. The skilled professionals at Sondalle Ford Lincoln can service your brakes so you'll still be able to stop, even when the roads are covered in ice.

Radiator Service

Finally, your radiator keeps your engine cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Letting your vehicle run low on antifreeze could cause your engine block to freeze, which could keep it from running at all. The expert mechanics at Sondalle Ford Lincoln can flush your radiator and make sure it has the proper antifreeze-to-water ratio, and help Berlin drivers prevent a costly engine overhaul. These are just some of the ways the pros in the service center at Sondalle Ford Lincoln can help you keep your car running strong this winter. Contact us to schedule service today.

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