Naturally, the leading reason Wisconsin drivers choose to buy a used Ford from our Berlin dealership is for affordability. However, the competitive deals offered at Sondalle Ford is only one of the benefits we provide to our customers. In addition to helping you get greater savings on your next auto purchase, we ensure that our products are in quality condition so you have total satisfaction and peace of mind, too.

What are Your Used Ford Options?

Before you delve right into our used Ford inventory, determine what type of transportation you need. A good place to start is by asking yourself, "what kind of vehicle will suit my lifestyle best?" Knowing what you require from your daily commutes will save you time. To guide you in the right direction, we divided our selection into three categories and created a summary of what you can expect from each.

Ford Cars are a practical choice because they are the most affordable options in the lineup. In addition to their low price, their smaller dimensions permit them move effortlessly in crowded streets and weigh less on efficiency ratings. With a model like the Focus or Fusion, you can enjoy a smooth ride.

Ford Trucks bestow owners with substantial power which makes hauling heavy cargo much easier. Best of all, pickups like the F-150 and Super Duty are more than just beefy modes of transport. By adding hi-tech features into the mix, they present a great balance between brawn and brains.

Ford SUVs are perhaps the most convenient when it comes to space. With various sizes like the Edge and Escape, there is a model to accommodate every household. When the family is at home, you can even transform the cabin to fit more luggage on your everyday commutes.

Get the Full Ford Experience at Our Berlin Dealership

Now that you have a basis for your search, browse our collection of used Fords cars, trucks, and SUVs at your leisure until you find an offer that aligns with your personal interests. When you are ready, speak with our advisors on how you can finance a used Ford for a price that fits your budget. You will have a set of Ford keys in your hand before you know it!

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