Explore the Effective Performance Features of the Ford F-250

The new Ford F-250 is available in various trim levels and styles, and every option has great features. If you want a basic truck, you can buy a regular cab, or you could maximize your space by selecting a Super Cab or a crew cab.

Bright Lights for Dim Environments

When you need better visibility while driving a Ford F-250, its quad-beam lights can illuminate the surroundings. These lights are much brighter than normal bulbs because they use advanced technology. However, quad-beam technology isn't overly bright as it uses one low-beam bulb and one high-beam bulb to shine light in front of the F-250 when driving around Berlin, WI.

Solid Safety Features

A Ford F-250 truck has safety technologies for the road and solutions for children. In the cabin, there are strong seat belts, durable heat restraints, and reliable airbags. For kids, the Ford F-250 has multiple latches near the back seats in convenient locations.

Powerful Towing Hardware

You can transport hefty cargo to various destinations using an F-250 pickup truck because it has great towing specs. The Ford F-250's towing capacity ranges from 12,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds, so you can easily pull a regular boat, a motorboat, or an off-road vehicle without slowing its engine down. If needed, you could tow multiple items on a trailer using an F-250 since it produces plenty of horsepower during tough towing jobs. If you don't bypass the maximum towing capacity, the engine will generate up to 475 horsepower.

Visit Sondalle Ford to Learn More

There are many new and used Ford trucks for sale at Sondalle Ford Lincoln, and the F-250 is a featured product. We allow everyone to inspect Ford trucks on our lot and during test drives. Our dealership is found in nearby Berlin, WI. As dedicated salesmen, we always provide reasonable prices and great customer service. We look forward to working with you soon!

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