Value Your Trade-In from the Comfort of Home Through Sondalle Ford Lincoln

Aside from your home, one of the most substantial financial investments you'll end up making in your lifetime is a vehicle purchase. As a potential car-buyer and customer at Sondalle Ford Lincoln, it's fair to say that you're likely interested in securing your chosen new Ford or Lincoln model, Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, or used car, truck, or SUV for less. One of the most popular ways our patrons regularly go about saving more on their new cars is through a convenient vehicle trade-in process.

Why Trade-In My Car, Truck, or SUV at Sondalle Ford Lincoln?

  • Sales Tax: As a resident that calls the Oshkosh area home, you're certainly familiar with the fact that you pay a sales tax that accompanies any purchase. With a sales tax of five percent, you can expect to pay an additional 1,000 dollars with a vehicle that's priced at 20,000 dollars. However, if you trade-in you current vehicle, you can pay the sales tax upfront with the difference between the sticker price of the vehicle and the value of your well-worn and beloved vehicle.
  • Additional Financing Options: Many times, you're provided a more diverse range of loan opportunities when you choose to trade-in your vehicle.
  • Save Yourself Time and a Potential Headache: Few individuals describe selling cars privately as an enjoyable process. Sidestep the hassle of negotiating with third-party buyers that might back out at any moment by trading-in your vehicle with the assistance of a team of trusted professionals on-hand.
  • Potential Upgrades: You might find that after trading in your vehicle, you're able to afford a more luxurious trim model that's better suited for your unique needs and style.

Discuss additional trade-in benefits with a professional at our Ford dealership near Oshkosh after filling out the form included on this page.